I’m so happy to have spent two weeks at the Philadelphia International Music Festival, playing a piano concert with a brilliant pianist Hugh Sung, and working with so many lovely and talented kids who play wonderful piano music and were full of creative composition ideas.

In my composition class, I enjoyed a special experience and a good opportunity to explore the kids’ potential music creativity. I used the idea of Bach’s name signature combined with numeral music notation to let the kids create melodies with their birthday code which match the music numeral number. I tried to play different types of accompaniment textures, let the students create different melodies which suited the accompaniments, and I played some different types of melodies, at the same time, I tried to let the students do some melody dictation to practice their notation abilities. And tried to let the students choose the accompaniment textures best suited for the melodies. I tried to let the students open their mind, inspired them to explore their creativity. Then I chose some classic and simple pieces of music, did some harmony, texture and music analysis, and let the students learn about some basic and general theories of accompaniment. After they finished their songs, I tried to let them add some introductions and codas to their songs. Besides that, I also encouraged the students do some arrangement for their original pieces of music, and encouraged them to arrange their songs into four hand duet pieces and other mixes of their songs.

In the piano lessons, I tried to help the students overcome their problems or doubts. I gave them some fingering suggestions and helped them analyze their music to let them express the music more artistically, understand the music more deeply, and to grow in confidence and creative curiosity. Although there were only two weeks, all the kids performed so well in the final concert, and several of them made tremendous progress.

All in all, it was a wonderful time to work with the kids. I love all the students and wish all the best to them!